Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Introduction to NHDP

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is mandated to implement National Highways Development Project (NHDP) which is:

  • India 's Largest ever highways project
  • World class roads with uninterrupted traffic flow

The National Highways have a total length of 66,590 km to serve as the arterial network of the country. The development of National Highways is the responsibility of the Government of India. The Government of India has launched major initiatives to upgrade and strengthen National Highways through various phases of National Highways Development project (NHDP), which are briefly as under:

NHDP Phase I : NHDP Phase I was approved by Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) in December 2000 at an estimated cost of Rs.30,000 crore comprises mostly of Golden Quadilateral (5,846 km) and North South-East West Corridor (981km), port connectivity (356 km) and others (315 km). The progress of this stretch can be viewed here.

NHDP Phase II : NHDP Phase II was approved by CCEA in December 2003 at an estimated cost of Rs.34,339 crore (2002 prices) comprises mostly NS-EW Corridor (6,161 km) and other National Highways of 486 km length, the total length being 6,647 km. The total length of Phase II is 6,647 km. Phase II details are here.

NHDP Phase-III: Government approved on 5.3.2005 upgradation and 4 laning of 4,035 km of National Highways on BOT basis at an estimated cost of Rs. 22,207 crores (2004 prices). Government approved in April 2007 upgradation and 4 laning at 8074 km at an estimated cost of Rs. 54,339 crore. Phase III progress is here.

NHDP Phase V: CCEA has approved on 5.10.2006 six laning of 6,500 km of existing 4 lane highways under NHDP Phase V (on Design Build Finance Operate basis). Six laning of 6,500 km includes 5,700 km of GQ and other stretches. Phase V can be seen here.

NHDP Phase VI: CCEA has approved on November 2006 for 1000 km of expressways at an estimated cost of Rs. 16680 crs .

This link gives the details of the completed projects on the Golden Quadilateral stretch.