Monday, June 2, 2008

JNNURM Status with respect to Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh.

JNNURM Progress in BANGALORE: Karnataka has sought funds for 19 JNNURM projects to be implemented in Bangalore and Mysore in the union budget 2008-09.

The funding for the JNNURM has gone up from Rs. 5,482 crore in 2007-08. “We have placed for approval projects that require big capital expenditure,” said Jawaid Akhtar, Managing Director, Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation (KUIDFC), which is the nodal agency for JNNURM projects in the State.

Nineteen projects in the two cities are to be implemented at an estimated cost of Rs. 3,658.64 crore, with the Centre providing 35 per cent for projects in Bangalore and 50 per cent for projects in Mysore. These 19 projects include water supply, sewerage, roads and basic services for the urban poor.

The JNNURM is the only centrally assisted scheme for the renewal of 63 urban conglomerates, including Bangalore and Mysore, and will be implemented up to 2012.In the coming year, the State Government is likely to place for approval 47 projects for infrastructure services such as water, drainage, roads and improvement of basic facilities in slums.

The total investment for these 47 projects is Rs. 7,535.32 crore. Forty-seven projects (41 in Bangalore and six in Mysore) with an investment of Rs. 3,254.39 crore are in various stages of implementation. Out of this investment, Rs. 1,692 crore has been allocated for the water, sewerage and drainage sector, Rs. 1,030 crore for roads and road-related infrastructure and Rs. 510 crore for basic services to the urban poor in 130 slums in the two cities. The Centre has, however, released only Rs. 315.62 crore for the projects, and the State Government has contributed Rs. 135.86 crore.
ANDHRA PRADESH: Six JNNURM works come to a grinding halt in city. Poor pace of works have badly hit projects worth Rs. 40 crores. Vijaywada Municipal Corporation had invited tenders for these projects about six times but the contractors are not convinced because of cost escalation. The status of another five projects is no better. Increase in steel prices, political interference and poor pace of works have badly hit projects of a value of nearly Rs. 40 crores.
Here is a presentation which gives an overview of JNNURM concepts, policies, Implementation status and achievements.